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This is a general guide to the steps to follow to place an order. The webpage of your selected online service will give you more specific information to help you place an order. Please place your order in English.

1. Log on or register

Go to My Details

Existing customers will need to log on by entering their email address and password.

New customers will need to register.

2. Find required online service

Click on Online Services and either

(a) Click on the links on the left of webpage to view services by category with a brief description of each service, eg Online payments; or

(b) Click on a service from the alphabetical list, eg Family history research service or Corporation Shop

3. Read information provided about service or products available


In the case of products, eg from the Corporation Shop, search for the product you require using Quick Search, Advanced Search or by browsing through available products.

Double click on the required product to see a description of the product, its price and availability.


The information will differ depending on the service requested but will usually include details of the service you will receive and timescales, the costs of applying and the steps to follow to apply.

4. Special conditions

These will be set out on the webpage for the particular online goods or services you require. It is important to read and understand these conditions in addition to the main Corporation Legal Notices before you order because they will apply to your order.

5. Add to cart or complete online application form

If you have not already done so you will now need to log on or register.